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Mindfulness Courses and Coaching

Mindfulness Courses and Coaching

If you’ve been thinking about doing a mindfulness course or some 1-2-1 coaching but not quite sure if it’s for you, you might consider this…

Never before have the benefits of mindfulness practice been more important.

We all experience stresses and strains in life, it’s part of being human. So in these times of great challenge and uncertainty it’s crucial to have a reliable method of calming and balancing the mind. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Finding Peace in a Frantic World are renown for offering precisely this.  

We deliver both programmes and we tailor packages for workplace settings. We also offer 1-2-1 coaching sessions to suit your needs and schedule.

Register for a free 20 minute consultation to find out more about our mindfulness courses and coaching.  It’s a relaxed meeting to explore the options and answer any questions before you make a decision.  It’s free and there’s no obligation.

Register here for a free discovery session. 

We’re registered with BAMBA, the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches, and abide by their Good Practice Guidelines. 

Why bother with mindfulness?

If you’re still not sure about the next step you might appreciate this wonderful blog post written by a guy who took a mindfulness coaching course with us recently.



This mindfulness course is not a walk in the park but it's the best tool to help get back in control of unhelpful thinking patterns. It's an essential life skill that feels like a super-power. Go for it!

Bobbi, Bristol