Workplace Mindfulness

Mindfulness in the Workplace

The Mindfulness Initiative report to Parliament says we spend more of our time working than doing anything else. Researchers have found that these hours are on average the least happy of our lives. Endemic stress  accounts for a large proportion of workplace absence and represents a huge loss of national productivity. Meanwhile, success in most organisations relies on the very things that unhappiness and stress erode. Namely, creativity, cognitive flexibility and effective decision-making.

What the experts say

The importance of mindfulness in the workplace is highlighted in the Mindful Nation UK report by an All-Party Parliamentary Group. And, thanks to the pandemic, volatile markets, consumer demands, and the disruptions resulting from digitisation, there has never been a greater need for it.  The increasing number of organisations around the world using it today makes a strong case for mindfulness in the workplace.

Research evidence (e.g. Jamieson and Tuckey, 2017; Lomas et al, 2017) is now showing positive outcomes from work-based mindfulness programmes, including improved employee health and wellbeing.

Psychologist and researcher Jutta Tobias says “Mindfulness in organisations has been researched for at least 25 years. The evidence shows consistently that when individuals and teams practice mindfulness whilst working together, and when mindfulness is part of the culture and strategy of the organisation, then such an organisation performs more reliably than its competitors.”

How we work

Workplace mindfulness is not about making employees work harder.  Our motivation is to introduce skills for recognising and reducing anxiety and worry.  This encourages clearer thinking and increases capacity for creativity to flourish.  Improvement in trust, communication and cooperation often follow, which plays a big role in maintaining a healthy workplace.  All essential for us to thrive in today’s complex, dynamic and interconnected world.

Next step

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