Ulfy’s 60th Birthday Celebration

Hello my little darlings.

We’ve spent a lot of time to work out the fairest cost per person per night and this is what it comes to. We’ve trimmed it back as much as possible so we can all have a nourishing, fun time together but it’s going to be a wonderful weekend of good vibes and great fun as we celebrate Ulfy’s 60th.

To make things as simple and as fair as possible we’ve combined the cost of camping per night with an evening meal i.e. £25 per night per adult and £15 per nigh per child (under 10yrs). This feels like a great result from our point of view, we hope it is for you too.

If you want to join in the fun but are not sure if you will make it, it would be immensely helpful if you could pay upfront now and be prepared to take the hit if it doesn’t work out. This is the best way we could think of to make this amazing party happen with minimum complications.

Please do get in touch if the cost feels out of reach at the moment. We want everyone to be join in the fun so there’ll be a way to make it fit your budget. Just get in touch and we can talk it through.

With big love and excitement.