1-2-1 Mindfulness Coaching

We tailor our 1-2-1 mindfulness coaching to suit the individual’s needs. It is for someone new to mindfulness who feels challenged, scared or anxious and is looking for new skills to help manage things.  It’s also suitable for those who have already completed a mindfulness course and wants to boost their understanding and practice.

We use different curricula for these sessions including MBSR and Finding Peace in a Frantic World.  This enables us to find the most appropriate mindfulness training for you given the time and budget you have available. 

The cost of 1-2-1 mindfulness coaching is £50 per one-hour session.  We suggest a minimum of four sessions but recommended eight.

We provide supporting materials and home practice guidance but individual commitment and determination are key factors in optimising the benefits of mindfulness coaching.  It’s also important to have a clear idea of what you hope for by signing up.

If this resonates with what you are looking for let’s fix a time to talk through the details before you make any firm decisions.  

Book a no obligation interview here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

If you’d like more insight into mindfulness coaching read this blog written by a guy I worked with recently.