What people are saying about the course...

Feedback from recent courses has been truly amazing and I’m proud to share some with you here.  

There is no doubt in my mind that cultivating mindful awareness of what we're thinking and feeling really does help us to become less stressed and more of the person we truly are, our authentic self if you like.  I think this small selection of generous testimonials makes the point convincingly;


"Thank you very much.  I feel I have made a very big change to parts of my life"

"Fantastic, welcoming, amazing and wholeheartedly enjoyable 8 weeks.  I will miss it"

"A journey of self discovery with a guide who embodies the calm and compassion we seek"

"I now have the tools to be resilient, which is exactly what I hoped for but didn't think I could have"

"Simon is the perfect person to do the course with.  He has a very calm presence, very reasoning and gentle"

"The emphasis on kindness, especially to yourself is a revelation. Be kind to yourself and the improvements to your life are huge"